TRIBE Of LOVE: Concert in Brooklyn
+ SACRED CACAO by Elizabeth Blake

friday, march 31st, 07:30 - 10:30pm
Narayana Integrative Center
191 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn 11222, NYC

Come join us for a very special evening of ancient medicine songs woven by angelic harmonies and entrancing rhythms. Jan Paul Werge hails all the way from Germany to reunite with hs tribe and singer and storyteller Shawn DeRyder will share his magical voice and out of this world flute mastery with us. 

• Elizabeth Blake will offer her Liquid Love Cacao for purchase to open your heart and caress your spirit. Mmmmhmmm...

This is a sweet little venue and a small and intimate concert. Space is limited - get your tickets early on Narayana's website:

$20 online tickets
$25 door


Susanna Raven
Musician, singer and song writer. Earth lover and humble apprentice to the world of plant medicine, deeply appreciating the interconnectedness of all that is Life. Susanna is filled with deep admiration for the works of traditional healers and their medicine music. She is passionately tuned into the healing vibration of didgeridoo sound magic. 

Jan Paul Werge
Composer, singer, performer. My heart beats for music. I live to be a diplomate for love, to explore the deep depths and fly high in the sky. Love is the answer and we are all part of it. This Earth is a gift, full of magic and treasures. I am grateful and happy to have found my tribe. 

Maryn Azoff
Singer, songwriter, vocal transformation coach and student of earth and spirit. Music has been man's medicine since the first drum was beat and the first note was sung. Maryn is so honored to be a member of the Tribe of Love and excited to bring this truly healing music to the world. The plants are teaching us all to come home to our true nature and to connect to the unconditional love of our Mother Earth. I hope this music touches that deep place within where we are all one and the truth that unites us is love.

Shawn DeRyder
Musician, sound therapist, and storyteller. A curious child of Mother Nature and steward in her precious garden. I am honored to be a student in the world of ancient healing traditions, and I strive to carry the message of Love.