Derzeit entsteht der Soundtrack zu SAMEBLOOD und ich freue mich sehr über diese bereichernde und kostbare Zusammenarbeit.

Sameblood Productions was founded in 2016 by creative partners Oday Sadoon and Kate O. Wagner. Beginning with the feature documentary SAMEBLOOD (directed by Oday Sadoon and produced by Kate O. Wagner), after which the company was named, Sameblood Productions continues to bring together talented filmmakers from all over the world for the purpose of creating thought provoking, timely, and visually compelling documentary and fiction films. 


SAMEBLOOD Documentary 

In pursuit of a deeper familiarity with Islam, Danyal, a young American man studying Arabic at the University of Alexandria in Egypt befriends a group of Muslim men who preach an extreme form of the religion. To follow them, he must decide whether to reject the things he loves, including his gay brother, Omar. But he unexpectedly discovers a greater joy when he meets and falls in love with his Egyptian T.A.

SAMEBLOOD is a creative feature-length documentary in post-production.